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In this is the End of Sleeping based on the play by Chekhov, adapted and directed by Jay Scheib
In this is the End of Sleeping

In This is the End of Sleeping is a live performance for two-channel video installation, real-time audio processing and a Russian steam bath. In this is the End of Sleeping is the longest day of the year and it is a hot hot sleeplessness here—the sweat pours like rain and the water is icey cold. But when the laughing and drinking and running through the woods gives way to kissing and bathing and shooting guns… no one will escape the change.

It is deep in the age of cynicism, and with chekhov's first full length play comes a sometimes hilarious and sometimes brutal meditation on loving each other, and buying each other out.


In This is the End of Sleeping is based on Chekhov's unfinished / untitled 300 page fragment which the germans called Platonov after the leading role, some still argue that it might be called Fatherlessness. Fatherlessness spoken in Russian sounds like In this is the End of Sleeping to the Hebrew speaker. So arrives the title for our work. If only everyone had gone bed.


Joan Jubett as Anna Voynitsev widow of the late General Voynitsev
Gaetan Bonhomme as Sergey Voynitsev the step son of Anna Voynitsev
Vanessa Burke as Sonya Voynitsev wife of Sergey
John Dewis as Nicholas Triletsky a doctor who looks like chekhov
Eric Dean Scott as Michael Platonov a schoolteacher
Emily Knapp by Sasha Tiletsky Platonov wife of Michael Platonov
Caleb Hammond as Porfiry Glagolyev businessman, suitor to Anna, realestate guy
Olga Fedorishcheva as Mary Grekhov chemistry student
Tao Wang as Osip Horse thief
Dan Liston as Isaac Vengerovich is the son of Abraham Vengerovich a nice jewish kid
Eliza bent as Jacob servant of the Voynitsevs

Sound and Video design by Leah Gelpe, Scenic and Lighting design by Jeremy Morris, Costume design by Jessica Hinel, objects/art direction by Bara Jichova Kirkpatrick, assistant director Adam Perlman, stage manager Belina Mizrahi,
Directed by Jay Scheib

Production made possible through a special collaboration with Massacchusetts Institute of Technology Music and Theatre Arts, Rotor Productions of New York and The Chekhov Now Festival.



at La Sala de Puerto Rico, 2 nd floor Student Center
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (across from 77 Mass Ave.)
November 3 , 4, 5, 6 at 8pm, admission is free


as part of the Chekhov Now Festival::
Connelly Theatre, 220 East 4th Street, New York, NY 10009

Performance Schedule: Friday, Nov 12 at 8pm; Saturday, Nov 13 at 8pm; Sunday, Nov 14 at 2pm; Wed., Nov 17 at 8pm; Thursday, Nov 18 at 8pm; Saturday, Nov 20 at 5pm

Tickets: 212-352-3101