In this is the end of sleeping

Based on Chekhov's unfinished work known best as Platonov but also known as Fatherlessness, In This Is The End Of Sleeping is directed by Jay Scheib. The sweat pours like rain and no one will ever be the same when the laughing and drinking and running through the woods gives way to bathing and kissing and shooting guns...

Sound and Video design by Leah Gelpe, Stage and Lighting design by Jeremy Morris, Costume design by Jessica Hinel , Art Direction / Objects by Bara Jichova Kirkpatrick, Stage Managed by Belina Mizrahi, Assistant director Adam Perlman

Produced through a special collaboration with Massachussets Institute of Technology, Rotor Productions, and The Chekhov Now Festival.

Directed by Jay Scheib

with performances by Emily Knapp, Joan Jubett,* Eric Dean Scott,* Olga Fedorishcheva, Dan Liston, Jay Scheib, Vanessa Burke, Gaetan Bonhomme, Caleb, Eliza Bent, Tao Wang, and John Dewis


Performance Schedule: Friday, November 12 at 8pm; Saturday, November 13 at 8pm; Sunday, November 14 at 2pm; Wednesday, November 17 at 8pm; Thursday, November 18 at 8pm; Saturday, November 20 at 5pm

At the Connelly Theatre, 220 East 4th Street, New York, NY 10009

Tickets: 212-352-3101






Short statement:
The early works of major writers attract me because they lack restraint in their daring endeavor to possess life. I admire this obsessive/obscene attempt to contain the world with a play. This is an effort to write life itself, to coerce life itself into playing out its own folly, its own rich and desperate attempts at glory or happiness—This is life playing out its pitiful violence, its maddening disillusionment, its tidal march toward social obsolescence—this is Chekhov’s first play. A masterpiece of unruliness and one of the great mysteries of Russian literature. Discovered posthumously sometime around 1920 in a safe deposit box. Its title page was missing. This play is Untitled. One well-documented theory recognizes the play as the Fatherlessness text that Chekhov names in a letter to his brother. A play he is known to have destroyed.

I title the performance and not the text. The text remains unnamed—though I think that Fatherlessness is both appropriate and fitting of Chekhov’s young intellect. The performance that I am making is titled In this is the End of Sleeping.
In this is the End of Sleeping is a suicide by eating matches all the night long. It is a live performance for three-channel video installation, real-time audio processing and Russian steam bath. In this is the End of Sleeping is also an attempt to make life appear as itself. Life emerging at its unpredictable end. It is the longest day of the year and it is a hot hot sleeplessness here—the sweat pours like rain and the water is icey cold. But when the laughing and drinking and running through the woods gives way to kissing and bathing and shooting guns… no one will survive unchanged.

This is the age of cynicism, it is the time of Chekhov and his Platonov. It is the end of an era. This play is about loving each other, and buying each other out.

This is my second statement on the play
Jay Scheib, Summer 2004






About the director

Born in Shendadoah Iowa 1969, Ab Summa Cum Laude University of Minnesota and MFA Columbia University School of the Arts.

Jay Scheib, Director
Recent projects for the theatre include a multimedia adaptation of Tolstoy’s Naturalistic classic The Power of Darkness with Pont Mühely in Budapest and the New York Premier of Kevin Oakes’, The Vomit Talk of Ghosts at the Flea Theater. Other recent works include Alfred de Musset’s Lorenzaccio with the student ensemble from Harvard University at the Loeb Drama Center; the New York City premier of a new translation of West Pier (quai ouest) by Bernard-Marie Koltès as part of the KOLTES NY 2003 Festival in NY; MargarethHamlet, a choregraphic evening for solo performer with guitar at Schwedterstr 12, Berlin; an original adaptation of Aeschylus’ trilogy: ORESTEIA AMERICA AMERICA, dreamlife of thousandaire affluence, commissioned by the Exiles Festival in Berlin; two plays by Lothar Trolle Fernsehen and Vormittag in der Freiheit at the Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz (3. stock), Berlin in collaboration with BAT. Other international credits include: Glass/Mohn after texts by Tennessee Williams, Paul Celan and Walter Benjamin produced by Pont Mühely in Budapest; a studio workshop of Antonioni’s film Red Desert with Krétákor Szinhaz, Budapest; The War Plays by Edward Bond, In the Solitude of the Cotton Fields by Bernard-Marie Koltès, and a studio production titled Bartleby, Wallstreet: NEBRASKA after texts by Herman Melville, and the music of Bruce Springsteen at the Mozarteum, Salzburg Austria. New York credits include Falling and Waving, a digital opera composed by David Lang, with libretto by Ron Jones, co-produced by Brooklyn Academy of Music and Arts at St Ann’s in Brooklyn; Herakles after Euripides and Heiner Müller, at Chashama, The Power of the Dog by Howard Barker, Othello, and Mistressjulie, after texts by Strindberg.

As a writer, Scheib recently collaborated with director Robert Woodruff in the writing of an adaptation of Jean-Luc Godard’s oeuvre titled: Godard (distant and right) which premiered at the Ohio Theatre, produced by Columbia University School of the Arts. The production went on to win both the peer and professional jury prizes at the Festival des Jeunes at Theatre Nanterre des Amandiers, Paris.

Winner of the Richard Sherwood Award from the Mark Taper Forum and Ahmanson Theatre, L.A.. Scheib holds an A.B. summa cum laude in theatre arts from the University of Minnesota, an MFA in theatre directing from Columbia University, and is an alumnus of the SoHo Rep writer/director Lab in NY. Scheib is currently assitant professor of theatre at MIT in Cambridge MA, and a regular guest professor at the Universität Mozarteum, Institute für Schauspiel und Regie in Salzburg, Austria.

other Upcoming projects
In the winter Scheib will direct The Medea after Heiner Müller and Euripides at La Mama in New York with the International theatre of actors —ITO-NY.

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In this is the End of Sleeping based on Chekhov's fatherlessness fragment directed by Jay Scheib